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What do you think about Christ?
Saturday, April 20, 2019
Info About Radio

Radio is truly international. It recognises no barriers or boundaries. Through radio, the gospel can be beamed into almost every country. Since Let the Bible Speak began broadasting in April 1973, its programmes have been heard in the following countries:
  • The United States of America and Canada
  • South Africa, East Africa, West Africa
  • India and Sri Lanka
  • Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines
  • China
  • South East Asia
  • London, England
Many millions of people are living within the reach of our transmissions; which means in fact that a minister can reach more people in ONE programme than he could otherwise reach in a lifetime.

The Advantage of Radio

  • Radio evangelism is a tremendous way of reaching the lost for Jesus Christ.
  • It cannot be turned back at the borders of any country and is extremely cost-effective.
  • It makes the ministry of gifted preachers available to millions who could never hear them in the flesh.

The Door of Radio

Through radio we have a great open door. Many stations all over the world will take our broadcasts. Even places like communist China are now being reached by gospel broadcasts. What a great door - and effectual - is set before us!

Alas, under the influence of ecumenism and communism, some door are already closing. We need to get in while the door is still open.

The Importance of Radio

The letters we receive from grateful listners convince us of the importance of a radio ministry such as ours. Many people write just to say "thank-you" for the sweet gospel music and the faithful proclaimation of God's Word, while others ask for prayer and guidance with spiritual problems or personal difficulties.

A goodly number want to know more about the way of salvation. What a joy to be able to point all these precious souls to the Saviour - the One who can solve every problem.

The Opportunity of Radio

Radio gives us yet another great opportunity to spread the gospel. It enables the gospel to be taken to places otherwise impossible to reach.

Already it has been possible to help lay the foundation for Free Presbyterian churches in other parts of the world. Christ's commission to "preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15) is still incumbent upon the church today.

The following alarming facts concerning the worlds spiritual need should spur us on to a greater effort:

  • There are multitudes who have never heard the gospel.
  • There are still many areas of the globe which missionaries have not reached.
  • There are many areas to which they CANNOT go. Therefore we are not satisfied with preaching the gospel on only a few stations in a handful of countries. We want to reach the whole wide world with the saving message of the Cross.

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