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What do you think about Christ?
Saturday, April 20, 2019
History of LTBS

Let the Bible Speak was formed in February 1973 and commenced broadcasting in April of the same year. It began in a very small way, broadcasting over just one station on the Isle of Man, and possessing only two tape recorders as its entire equipment.

However, under God, the work has grown steadily and is now a firmly established ministry. At present, the programmes, with a potential weekly audience of many millions, are heard over more than a dozen stations in North America, India, Africa, China and Asia. New outlets are added to the broadcasting list as and when suitable stations can be arranged.

Similar advances have been made on the technical side. The earliest programmes were recorded in the creche of our Ballymoney church. However, it soon became evident that a more permanent home, with much better recording facilities and equipment was necessary if the work was to progress. So, in the summer of 1973, plans were set in motion to meet these needs.

The old Cabra Free Presbyterian Church was kindly put at our disposal and after much renovation and installation of professional recording equipment, became the Let the Bible Speak studios in April 1974.

Let the Bible Speak is the radio ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church. It is financed entirely by the free-will offerings and gifts of the Lord's people and never solicits money, in any way, on the air. We are sincerely grateful to all those who faithfully support this ministry, year by year, with their gifts and prayers.

Let us then - DO our best - GIVE of our best - PRAY without ceasing, that the Lord will extend this vital ministry and help us - LITERALLY - to go into ALL the world with the GOOD NEWS!!


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